Cherokee, Wagoneer with 10 mounts 26 75-82 PFA-902 $161.00 PFA-903 $170.00
CJ5, CJ7, Scrambler 24, 26, 29 72-86 PFA-212 $100.00 PFA-213 $107.00
J10, J20 Pickup, Cherokee/ Wagoneer with 12 mounts 26 72-85 PFA-922 $100.00 PFA-923 $107.00
Wrangler JK & Unlimited JKL, 2 & 4 Door models 26, 29 07-09 PFA-992 $107.00 N/A
Wrangler TJ, Rubicon, TJL 6-speed manual trans only 19, 24, 26, 29 2005 PFA-982 $231.00 PFA-983 $235.00
Wrangler TJ, Rubicon, TJL 5-speed & automatic trans. 19, 24, 26, 29 97-06 PFA-972 $151.00 PFA-973 $162.00
Wrangler TJ, Rubicon, Unlimited 19, 24, 26, 29 97-06 N/A N/A
Wrangler YJ Manual Trans 2, 24, 26, 29 86-95 PFA-932 $100.00 PFA-933 $111.00
Wrangler YJ Auto Trans 24, 26, 29 86-95 PFA-932A $110.00 PFA-933A $116.00
Jeep 1" Replacement Urethane Body Bushing Lift Kits YEAR YEAR 2" BODY LIFT
CJ5, CJ7, CJ8 80-86 PFA-19012 $141.00
CJ5, CJ7 76-79 PFA-19011 $141.00
Wrangler TJ & TJL 97-06 PFA-119014 $141.00
Wrangler YJ 87-96 PFA-19013 $141.00

Body Lift Tech Notes

Most kits have tech note numbers after the description. Numbers correspond the the following notes. Ensure you have checked the application and tech notes before installation

  1. Front bumper brackets are included in this kit.
  2. Does not fit models with automatic transmission.
  3. Optional front bumper raising kit required to raise front bumper (part# BKIT2 or BKIT3).
  4. Vehicles with 1 piece solid steering shaft must install longer aftermarket steering shaft in conjunction with body lift. See Borgeson Universal at
  5. It may be necessary to drill front two body bushing sleeves out to 1/2" for new bolt clearance.
  6. Front and rear bumper brackets are included in this kit.
  7. Modification to the front frame horns is required to raise front bumper using bumper brackets included.
  8. Will not fit 2WD with power steering.
  9. Will not fit 2WD with steering gear box close to firewall (behind front axle).
  10. Installation on models equipped with V-8 requires replacement of lower radiator hose and fan.
  11. Installation on vehicles equipped with 6 cylinder or V-6 requires replacement of lower radiator hose to avoid contact with smog pump.
  12. It will be necessary to drill out some body bushings to accommodate larger bolts.
  13. Front bumper brackets must be modified for use on 2" kit.
  14. Will not fit vehicles equipped with diesel engine.
  15. Steering Extension Included.
  16. Vehicles equipped with Vortec V-6 may require modification of the air intake or air intake hose.
  17. 3" kit includes front and rear bumper brackets, 2" kit includes front bumper brackets only.
  18. Rear bumper can be raised using the stock bumper brackets.
  19. Installation on vehicles with air conditioning requires modification to the radiator mounting flange.
  20. Manual transmission models require part 3700 Shift Extension (Mazda transmission only).
  21. Rear bumper brackets are to enhance appearance. Bumper cannot be used for towing.
  22. Does not work on vehicles with moveable pedal package.
  23. 95-03 ZR-2 requires modification to steering column mounting flange.
  24. Gap Guards available and sold separately for this application.
  25. Rear bumper brackets are available and sold separately for this application.
  26. No bumper brackets are included in this kit.
  27. Front bumper can be raised using stock bumper brackets.
  28. Manual transmission models require a Shift Lever Extension or Linkage Bracket sold separately.
  29. OR-Fab jeep products also available.
  30. Will not fit vehicle equipped with gasoline engine.  
  31. S-15 rear bumper with factory tow hitch cannot be raised.
  32. Requires cutting the lower radiator core support and installing new brackets provided.
  33. 2006 Manual transmission models require kit SE9627 Shift Extension.